My husband, Joe, got his first Llewellin several years ago (am I a good wife or what?).  Once he started hunting with Jenna, he was hooked.  He has since become an avid bird hunter and enjoys working with and training our dogs.

He has taken a hobby and transformed it into a passion for the breed and the sport of bird hunting.

We have only one or two litters per year.  The reason being is to ensure that we produce premium-quality puppies for our customers/friends.

Our dogs are bred with the hunter in mind.  Puppies from our quality stock produce the kind of dog that every hunter dreams of--a dog that listens, obeys, and has a God-given natural ability to hunt and find birds.  Man's best friend isn't his dog.  A man's best friend is his GUN DOG.

Our dogs have blood lines from such dogs as Henry Prince of Paws (Hunting with Hank), Highway Dan, and Highway Rex.

From the time our puppies are a couple of days old, we begin socializing them.  We have found that socializing the puppies at this young age, produces premium-quality, well-mannered, hunting companions.

As the puppies grow, we walk them with the older adult dogs. This teaches the puppies to go into the brush and to use their noses. We work with them using basic commands, such as "Whoa," "Here" and "Kennel." It's amazing how quickly they learn these words. It just becomes second nature to them. Another word that's used with our puppies is "pond". After walking our puppies, they're told to "Go to the Pond". This cools them off and introduces them to the water. They quickly learn, the pond is a great way to cool off. And, it teaches them to get into the water without fear.

Our puppies are introduced to live birds in the field and to dead birds in the training area.  This enhances their natural ability to locate and point birds (SEE PHOTO GALLERY).

The time, socializing, and love that are given to our puppies help ensure they will become GREAT gun dogs. Now it's your turn to choose the dog of your dreams and add the polishing touches.

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